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Are you out there?

I hope you are. I hope we meet. Someday in the near future, or the far future. As long as it happens, I don’t mind. I’d prefer the closer one, though. 

I hope you are kind, and that you love me. Truly. From the bottom of your heart, the organ that has a fist round all your strings, puppeteering. Reigning in so that you can do anything but hurt me. 

I hope you love something you love. Something you can teach me about, something that makes you light up from the inside.

I hope you like stories. I hope you are good at mathematics but love the sums of plot multiplied by chapter even if you don’t know the solution. 

I hope you and I like to talk. To text, and snapchat, and deeply discuss at 3am, and make puddles of jokes at midday. 

I hope you’ll take trains and planes and boats just to spend a week with me, or two. Because that tug-tug-pull is plucking at you, too.  

I hope you won’t be afraid to spend your time, your conversation, your life with me, because you know. And I know. 

I hope we know. 

Are you out there?


Behind the scenes of The Grand Budapest Hotel (2014) dir. Wes Anderson

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Maybe I do hope you’re happy
with people who fill your life
with the colour that I never could
Legitimately pleased 
that you know these humans who 
make you smile wide
and fill your heart to thumping bursting
when you see their photograph

And mainly maybe I hope
that the next time I do that for someone
they do that for me too
and you have nothing to do with it
and we are both so happy
but so separate.